Frankenstein’s bloody terror (La marca del hombre lobo)

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Frankenstein’s bloody terror (La marca del hombre lobo)
(Enrique L.Eguiluz/Spa, Rft/1968)
Duration : 78’ Genre : Horror

Bitten by a werewolf the count Waldemar Daninsky accept to be helped by the doctor Janos
Mikhelov who ll turned out as merciless vampire…

Spanish low budget movie inspired by the Hammer and the Universal features and characters quite
creepy and skillful directed starring Paul Naschy playing for the first time his favorite alter ego Waldemar Daninsky.

Ok the story is for 3/4 quite werewolf standard : A werewolf is on the loose and people hunt for lynch the beast when Waldemar gets attacked and bitten by it before to get killed that means Waldemar he is already doomed with the curse and must find a way to stop or cure it.

The viewer could think ”no salvation allowed” for the unlucky man when suddenly he meet a strange doctor and his wife ready to cure him and THE ¼’s MOVIE SURPRISE POPS UP !!! Because the doctor and his wife turn out to be vampires leaded jut by bad intentions.

So, as a first movie followed by a dozen sequels, let’s say is quite fun even if not really elegant compare with the anglosaxons relatives features but Paul Naschy is awesome in his key role and the transformation sequences pretty low budget sick but in the good way.

If you like bloody full moon movies you can miss it…

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