Musicians, Muddler, Fiddler…. And Fucked Fan

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Musicians, Muddler, Fiddler…. And Fucked Fan

Beggining of the contest: 25 June 2019

Until: 30 July 2019

We’re presenting the first of a series of contest that will find space on our elettric page in IN YOUR EYES ZINE.

Probably like you already understood from the title, the contest subject will be live music: we ask indeed to rummage your old dusty archives and send two photos, or better the two most incredible pictures that you have been taken during a live, a rave party, or on the road. Two pictures that can instill the aptitude of the band, Dj, or  street musician, without forget the fucking spirit, the basic element of all musical event.


  1. We will accept all kind of photo, snap-shot too (Polaroid or similar) or photos shooted with cell phone.
  2. We will not accept photos shooted too far from the stage: the artist will be clearly visible.
  3. All photos have to be shooted during a musical exhibition. Not pictures about musicians in rehearsal studio or similar.
  4. We will not accept photos with all kind of logos (label too), except author sign.
  5. We will non accept selfie.
  6. All the photos, before to be posted, need to be resized so that the long side is less or as 1000 pixel.
  7. We will not accept photos about nazi band or similar.
  8. All the photos must be posted by the same authors of the shoot. Don’t send photo took from internet or anonymous.
  9. In the geared space of the sending form, you need to enter the following information:

Name of the authors of the shoot (obligatory);
Potential copyright, copyleft or creative commons license (optional);
Potential website, blog or social of the author (optional);
Name of the band (obligatory);
Some information about the event (optional if you don’t remeber);

If you want write some words about it, will be a pleasure for us.

How the contest will happen:
All the photos will be viewed and then later will be posted on:
using the following form:

Once published, the photos will be posted on the following site and social too:

At the end of the contest will be chosen 10 photos that will be posted on home page until the end of the next contest

To find photos about this or next contest type on facebook, instagram or tumblr the following #hashtag:


Thanks to all that will take part.



Artwork by Claudio Parentela

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