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To grow, in every aspect, is a positive thing, but it always brings some trouble with it. Like for mums, who continuously have to update their children’s wardrobe, In Your Eyes has to deal with its growth problems: the constant rise of contacts and social relationships comes with the difficulty of having to deal with the numerous requests of reviewing coming in every single day.

As you should know by now, we don’t have a limit on genres, but if for some of said genres we can deal with the big numbers coming in, with others we are lacking in personnel that can manage the flux. Especially for electronic music, the ratio between supply and demand is very unbalanced. That’s, for example, an area in which we need new figures, who can transform their genuine passion into the desire of explaining to the world the sensations and the feelings they get from music.

Obviously, we are more than happy to include in our family people from any kind of genre. But we need tough people, cause of the high demand coming in every day. Our target is to individually produce 4-5 reviews per month – not many if you think that it’s only about one per week, and a real music lover always finds at least one hour a day to dedicate to its passion.

Even if you’ve never done it before, but you think that you could reach this target, come to us!

We don’t do this for money, none of us gets a single penny from this, but our reward is to be IN THE THING. It’s a hobby that can bring you to deal directly with musicians, labels and promoting agencies. If you’re convinced, send us a message at

[email protected]

We will answer to you explaining how the planning works, and how we publish our content.
Make yourself a gift, transform your passion for music into something way more stimulating….