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Hello! Welcome to our first Volume Of Radio Iye !

Jahriffe – Zeal Of A Newborn Child

His music takes you back to a time where reggae music was expressed with a Love and Sincerity, Harmony and Respect for one another.
Jahriffe B. Mackenzie aka Senbiqes NetriRa a dynamo of energetic musicality and Jamaican panache. A guide to soulful harmony and introspection, transcending our times.




Akasha – Mother Of Exiles

Akasha’s new LP, Mother Of Exiles, is set to be released on Jump Up Records December 7, 2018. This is a concept album dealing with how to comprehend complex issues such as immigration, discrimination, and oppression with an approach infused by love, service, and unity. This recording is as on point a statement on our current tumultuous times as one can imagine, and is certain to resonate with any listener. Given Mother of Exile’s thematic material and Akasha’s continued musical evolution, this new album is certain to set a new standard for the reggae genre.




The Senior Allstars – Get Ready

“We were inspired by that brilliant release DARKER THAN BLUE – Soul From Jamdown (on Blood & Fire Records from Manchester in co-operation with PK in London) and felt compelled to perform this beautiful gem in a dub version…“





Dubblestandart & Firehouse Crew – Babylon The Bandit

Dubblestandart presents with the deepest respect to the originators a limited selection of reworks of reggae classics, focusing on works that have been pivotal for the inspiration of Dubblestandart’s bandleader and bass player Paul Zasky since day one, when forming the band. Today considered as “Classic Reggae”, so much remains unchallenged, this little island called Jamaica has provided in content & creation, especially Roots Reggae of the late 60s/70s & 80s. Not to speak of the political actuality of many songs, who respond to today’s world of unrest as if they were written yesterday, coming straight from the heart of all those originators we admire and love so much!



Sol Selectas – Rain Drops

Sol Selectas is a US label run by Sabo with a focus on music that blends earthy percussion playing tribal rhythms, with intricate melodies and sensual textures. Varying between deep electronica and melodic house, the labels vibrant sound embraces cultural influences from around the world.
Polish artist Raidho provides the original music on the new release, along with stunning remixes by Kermesse and Timboletti.





Guardians of Dub is Dactah Chando latest work – his seventh studio album published by the record label Achinech Productions. This is the canarian singer and producer’s first Dub album and was released in May 2019 in digital format on all main music distribution platforms.

This album features nine Dub versions remixed by sound engineer and Umberto Echo, responsible for the production and mixing of «Ansestral» and «Global Cityzen», Dactah Chando’s fourth and sixth album, and also known for producing numerous recording bands and international artists renown in the reggae culture.



“Hello” is the first single release from Marla Brown’s upcoming EP called “PDSTM (Please Don’t Stop The Music)”. She is the youngest child and daughter of the late, great Dennis Brown. After 14 years as a professional dancer, where she was an ambassador for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, a semi finalist in the hit TV show Britain’s Got Talent and noted dancer for the sporting giant Adidas, she started a singing career in the past few years and really got some attention in the reggae industry so far. She played shows all over Europe, Costa Rica, Jamaica and in the USA.





Charly Black releases new single “Happy Zone” on heels of RIAA US Gold certification for his hit “Gyal You A Party Animal”. The dancehall sensation hits fans with a brand new gem just in time for summer vibes.

The Jamaican dancehall hitmaker Charly Black is back with a brand new single that’s coming in hot like the summer season. Titled “Happy Zone,” the single is an atmospheric, feel-good chiller that guaranteed to get listeners into an island state of mind no matter where in the world they’re listening from.




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