Surf nazis must die

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Surf nazis must die (Peter George/Usa/1987)
Duration : 83′ Genre : Action/Drama

After a violent earthquake destroyed LA the city is under the control of gang and one one them is called “Surf nazis” leaded by the evil Adolf. his girlfriend Eva and the Despicable Mengele and Hook. After they kill a black guy his mom will take a rampage of revenge….

Troma’s cult coming from “Warriors”, “Escape from New York” and “Class of 1984” set as typical “Toxic avenger” movie quite poor in budget but full of crazy ideas and provocation like the death wish mom not really Charles Bronson in her look.

Unforgettable Adolf yelling “I’m the beach Führer” and the graffiti cameo of the King Crimson “In the court of King Crimson”‘s cover….so it as film that TG really lives it up to and you can easily find the reason : It’s a Troma so what you can pretend is poor acting, crazy plot, and bad dialogue, etc.

That’s why we watch Troma flicks in the first place and Surf Nazis is not just brilliant but totally outrageous.

So we can easily consider this feature a great title for great expectations if you great expectations means needless sex and unnecessary violence starred by characters dying and screwing ceaselessly and with no reason from beginning to end in spite, and is probably its weakest link, the story ends as a conventional revenge movie for the low budget world and this is quite a real sin especially if you follow the rules pretending “that quantity is also a quality and that a pile of low-grade industrial diamonds can be worth more than a few gemstones”

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